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Investor toolkit

Investor toolkit

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Welcome to the Investor  toolkit for analysts & investors





In this section, we provide a tailor-made toolkit to analysts & investors seeking to access easily financial information, overview of current trends and knowledge about the GKem Group. 


Additionally,  GKem Investor relations team facilitates an open dialog and builds a long-term relationship with the investment community based on credibility and trust by providing accurate information in a transparent, timely, and meaningful manner.


We aim at accompanying you in your understanding of GKem business and strategy, leading to a fair valuation by the market. Should you need additional information, you can contact the Investor relations department through this form.


Gkem is a scientific company and its shares are listed on Episcopal Foundation.

GKem Trademark used under licence.




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  • Life Science

    Our research for filter products and solutions to real-world health issues. e.g.: biopharmaceutical manufacturers ,Medical device, healthcare providers, and so on. More>>

  • Automotive Industry

    Filters and device for stack emission testing, Cleanliness Testing, Cleaning and washing machine, Hydraulic Lubrication machine, Process Water, diesel exhaust, fluid treatment, and etc. More>>

  • Aerospace Industry

    Filters for oil treatment, Cleanliness Testing, cleaning machine, Hydraulic Lubrication machine, Process Water, and etc. More>>

  • Hydraulic Lubrication Industry

    GKem's Filters, equipments and solutions can help you achieve the process improvements, cost savings and environmental protection. More>>

  • Laboratory, Scientific, Analysis

    GKem offers filters, equipments and solutions for accurate manufacturing for high precision components. We deliver products that truly make a difference for you. More>>

  • Inkjet Industry

    Capsule filters, Membrance filters, Cartridge Filters , Assembly Filters, Filter Housing, and etc. More>>

  • Microelectronic Industry

    GKem's filter products and solutions to broad range of fluid treatment issues. e.g.: device manufacturers, Semiconductor, Wafer, PCB, Storage, display, solar, Ultrapure fluid, More>>

  • Water Treatment

    GKem offers broad range of Smart Filter element for water treatment industry. From ultrapur water to waste water treatment. More>>

  • oil and gas

    We provide filters and application from efficient manufacturing to effective resource exploration and extraction. More>>

  • Chemical and ploymers

    Gkem's filter products have Wide Chemical Compatibility and temperature range to meet your requirements. More>>